Mission and Vision

Taking Paintball to a new level one step at a time. 

Provide a impressive paintball experience by offering friendly service, high quality products, and spectacular fields of play for individuals, teams, and organizations. 



SaltFork Paintball had its first games in the summer of 2003. It began with a the simple vision of taking the game of paintball and sharing it with anyone who wanted to play. As time progressed Jake and his family started to invest time and money into building a paintball field. Little by little the field grew into a popular recreation spot that drew over 2000 people annually.

In October of 2011, SaltFork Paintball's location in Sidney was closed due to zoning issues. We spent the next eight months battling for a permit to operate our business. On May 24th 2012, SaltFork Paintball received its permit to open at a new location in Saint Joseph, IL. Our first game at the new place is scheduled for June 23rd, 2012. We are so excited for the new opportunity to serve you even better at this location! Hope to see you soon.

Meet the Staff

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Meet the Staff and Volunteers


Cullen Nash

Andy Dudley

Dylan Johnson

Jake Myers

Lindsey Myers

Tony Heckenmueller

Journey Myers

Logan Auth

Jessie Johnson

Caleb Lyons

Jonathon Myers

Hunter Lowry

Chuck Auth

Zach Porter

Sam Rolson

Dan Elbon


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SaltFork Paintball
2150 CR 1600 N
St. Joe, IL 61873

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